Axinite work clothes: More competition!

THE work clothing market is a highly competitive one, so any new players have to be pretty sure that what you are bringing to the table is not only high quality, but competitively priced. And like all clothing, it projects an image, so purchasers will have favourites for a variety of reasons: look, durability, comfort, etc.

Axinite has hit the ground running with a range of clothing that feels and looks good and performs well.

The basics – trousers

For me, the fit on trousers has to be very good to ensure all-day comfort. Things like avoiding the constant need to pull at the waistband, tuck in my shirt and pull up the knees when I kneel down, are key.

My first impression of the trousers as I opened the pack is that they are well-designed for the intended purpose. Made from heavy duty polyester/cotton fabric, they have reinforced knees, tough fabric lippings on the capacious rear pockets and seven belt loops. They don’t feel lightweight and flimsy, which might be good in summer, but is definitely not what I wanted in the cold and wet we have been experiencing recently.

It was only after I had been wearing them on the jobsite for an hour or two that I started to understand that some of the details on these Axinite trousers are pretty handy. Around the waistband is a grippy strip that helps to keep your shirt tail in when you bend and stretch. I hate the cold draft on my kidneys!

The two front holster pockets are nicely designed to be optional. If you want them, simply undo the press stud and pull them out of the main pockets where they are ready to accept all the usual stuff that I put in them like pencils, knives, a tape measure and work gloves. When tucked in, they function like smaller pockets and don’t get in the way.

There are a few smaller pockets on the legs for rulers and possibly a mobile, but I think you can overdo the pockets (as some brands do) because the combined weight of all the stuff in them can cause discomfort at the waistband. Axinite doesn’t fall into that trap.

One of my design necessities is the capacity to fit kneepads on trousers because, put brutally, my knees hurt after unprotected kneeling on the jobsite. The Axinite kneepads supplied with the sample trousers are made of natural black rubber and strike a good balance – hard enough to not feel every stone under your knee, but soft enough for comfort and relief.

The kneepads are easy to fit and I am told that they can stay in place while the trousers are washed. It is quite rare that kneepads don’t have to be adjusted when you kneel down – usually pulled up a little, to engage with the knees. Mercifully with the Axinite trousers, as I knelt, the pads found their place over my kneecaps. Result!

Some readers may have noticed that we have had quite a lot of rain recently – so I am happy to report that the fabric on these trousers has a slight water resistance that keeps you dry for short exposures to wet kneeling on the floor or rain on the dash to the van. The rubber kneepads don’t act like spongers either.

Overall, I found these trousers practical and comfortable, and I am sure they will be hardwearing. They wash and dry easily making them perfectly suited to the jobsite environment.

Shirts and customisation

Axinite has a couple of shirts in the range – a polo shirt and a T-shirt. I was sent the polo shirt to try. Made of 100% high wicking polyester, it is easy to wash and dry, crease free and comfortable to wear. The side panels in contrasting grey are stretchy and help make it easy to move around and lift your arms.

Even one-man bands like a bit of branding and customisation these days, and Axinite seems to have this down pat. In order to have a logo, badge, name or brand embroidered to an item of clothing, all the user has to do is to supply a design, with colourways if needed, and Axinite will do the rest. It doesn’t matter if the design is a simple picture taken on a mobile phone, Axinite has the technology to stitch the design where you want it. Hence I am now the proud owner of a polo shirt with the new TOOLKIT logo embroidered on the sleeve – look out for it on the videos.

Padded Body Warmer – Perfect for the current weather

I like body warmers to wear on the jobsite. In my view, they are a practical garment that keeps your core warm while allowing your arms freedom of movement. The result is that I have a lot of body warmers with paint, slight tears and glue stains on them. But my Axinite body warmer will go to the pile that will only be worn on ‘clean’ jobs - for the foreseeable, anyway.

With a polyester construction and quality warm padding, it is easy to wash and dry. It is also very light, considering its warmth, so it is comfortable and moves easily while you are working. I like the zipped side pockets that are big enough for gloves, a tape measure and a few other bits besides. Inside there is also a zipped pocket that will easily take a mobile and/or a wallet.

It zips all the way to under the chin and around the back of the neck and is good at keeping draughts out. Generously, Axinite also embroidered the TOOLKIT logo on the chest and it looks good. The embroidery work does not affect the padding and lining of the garment, so users can be assured that performance won’t be compromised.

Use the net

Most people use the internet nowadays so it makes sense to access Axinite via its website where purchasers can order what they need: shoes, shirts, jackets, trousers, fleeces, etc.

For customisation, simply submit your logo or chosen design and let the Axinite people do the work.

In my view, what you get from Axinite is a range of high quality gear that is up to the demands of the jobsite – it is well worth a look.

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